Top tips for creating the perfect lighting atmosphere in your home

Creating the perfect mood for any occasion

Whether you want to create the perfect lighting for reading or a flattering glow for a romantic meal, we have the top tips to make sure you get it just right. Here we will give you some room by room tips to illuminate your life and to ensure you’re not left out in the dark.

Each room in your house needs a variety of lighting be it background or ambient lighting, accent lighting to highlight your room’s special features or task lighting for up-close work.  Having bad lighting in a room can make it feel cold, dated and unwelcoming. When updating your room you should be thinking how you can improve the atmosphere with the correct lighting.

Think about the purpose of the room, how will it be used primarily, during the day or night? Is it for entertaining, working or studying? One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to change and freshen up your room is through lighting.

Follow our room by room guide for the best lighting tips

When making the lighting plan for each room, always consider the activities that take place in the room, how you wish the room to feel, articles you want to highlight and the atmosphere you wish to create.

Think about the purpose of the room, how will it be used primarily, during the day or night? Is it for entertaining, working or studying? One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to change and freshen up your room is through lighting.

The Entrance Hall

A great place for first impressions, it is a place to make a style statement. Depending on how big your entrance hall is, oversized light fixtures or large chandeliers are two really popular choices.

For the smaller hallway, two-tone finishes are growing in popularity. If you have a window in your hallway above the door make sure your light is centered so it can be seen through the window. Ensure the bulb is a warming glow.

Place a matching table lamp on a hall table next to a mirror to complete the look. These simple touches are sure to give your entrance a warm and inviting impression.

The Living Room

A great place to start is with a centerpiece in your room, an overhead light is essential to the ambiance of the room for any occasion. It sets the stage and gives you the opportunity to consider some other lighting styles.  Make a bold statement with a chandelier; it can be a traditional ornate style or a more modern style. Whichever you choose a chandelier will give your room a focal and a talking point. An oversized pendant will allow you to add colour and variety to your room, operating as an artwork on your ceiling. Wall scones are a great way to bring a dramatic theatre look into your living room. Adding dimmer switches will allow you to adjust the light temperature depending on the task you are completing they are especially useful in your living room. You can use each light alone or have them coordinated for when guests are around or dimmed for that cosy time to watch movies.

The Dining Room

Maximizing the versatility of your dining room takes the right lighting and the best place to start is at the top. Making the light in your dining room the centrepiece of the room is the right way to go, it also allows you to make a statement.  If you have a long or rectangular table in your dining room a linear chandelier or multiple side by side pendants running the length of the table is the way to go. A round dining room table can be spiced up with a mini chandelier or staggered pendant light. A dimmer switch is a great idea so lighting can be altered for different mood levels and if the table is used for everyday tasks like homework or hobbies. If you choose to go with a chandelier, you should try and LED light as it can make your crystal sparkle and shine. When hanging a light over your table always make sure you leave a clearway of 30 to 36 inches between the bottom of the lighting fixture and the table top.

There is a rule of thumb when picking the size of the lighting fixture over your table. Measure the length and then the width of the room in feet and then add them together. Turn the total into inches and that is the minimum width your over table fixture should be.

The Kitchen

An area for all functions, eating, working and entertaining. The key to lighting in your kitchen is It needs functional an inviting to make the right environment. If you use multiple sources of light and fixtures this will create a balance throughout the kitchen. This will also add visual interest to your room but minimize glare and shadows. Using a light layering method will improve your room’s versatility.

The Bedroom

Follow our four must-haves for creating the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom for rest and relaxation.

  • 1) Ceiling Lights with versatile controls for your bedroom provide important total room ambient lighting. Make sure and consider the placement of your light as you may wish for the lights to be around the bed instead of over it. Dimmer switches or remote control lights are a great choice for that little adjustment when you want to relax or watch some TV.
  • 2)Reading Lights are a good choice for the bedroom. One either side of the bed provides suitable light for reading. Swing arm lamps are adjustable and also leave your night stand free.
  • 3)Night Lighting is perfect for the en-suite in your room like LED tape lighting. This type of lighting creates the perfect amount of lighting without that blinding glare during the night. You can also add this tape to the underside of beds or lockers for the same effect.
  • 4)Personal Style there are many different ways to make your bedroom feel like a place to get away from it all. When creating your own little sanctuary in the bedroom, make sure it matches your own style or if it is a child’s room, think about their needs and style. The correct lighting can help you create that perfect place to relax.