Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are an increasingly common sight at motor shows and on the road. A pure battery electric vehicle, BEV, with a range of around 120 – 150 km, is a good choice for anyone wishing to drive an environmentally friendly and economical car. This type of vehicle is primarily suited for shorter distances, particularly urban driving.

With GARO’s outlet box GHL and a 16A fuse, an electric hybrid car can be fully charged in around 3 hours, with a completely electric car taking 6 hours. The charging stations that are being installed in public locations primarily offer charging via the new standardised Type 2 socket. Output varies from 1-phase 16 A to 3-phase 32 A AC. So-called quickcharge stations, which have a power output of up to 150kW, are also being installed in many locations. These use DC (direct current), in accordance with the Japanese CHAdeMO standard or the European CCS standard. These charging stations are now available from your nearest Trade Electric branch.

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